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5 Reasons why i love Amazon

From 2010 to 2017, we spent a total $13,000 on Amazon orders.

7 easy ways to get free audiobooks

Reading is one of the best habits of successful people. Bill Gates reads 50 books per year. Marc Cuban reads for more than three hours per day and Tony Robbins read 700 books over the span of seven years. You may love to read but either don’t have the time to read or don’t want to spend the money on books. There are ways to get free audiobooks that solve both those problems.

Never have I ever…

Remember that drinking game where every time you can’t answer “true” to the questions you have to take a shot?

And every time you look around you realize your friends are just as crazy as you are?

We’re gonna play this game today, only instead of alcohol we’re swapping in coffee (and instead of random sexual questions, we’re sticking to financial ones ;))

Close your door, make sure no one’s looking, and get that cup of hot Joe ready, baby!

Simplify Your Life With These Money Saving Tips

simplify your life

In a 2015 survey by the American Psychological Association, 64 percent of Americans feel that money causes stress.

Don’t let money stress you out! You can make a few simple changes to simplify your life.

Learning how to manage different areas of your life can be challenging, especially finances.

Read this guide with tips to simplify your life with these simple, yet effective, money saving tips.

Cash back benefits

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Get cash back rewards when you shop for practically anything online and when you eat out at your favorite restaurants!

How to use Amazon to save money on holiday gifts

I don’t know about you, but as our family keeps getting larger so does the cost of our holiday gifts. Due to this, we keep coming up with more and more creative ways to pile more presents under the tree for less. Sometimes, this can be tricky, since all of the kids want everything they see, plus we have family to buy for. And this doesn’t even include the food! But this year, we found yet another way to save money and keep below our budget.

All kinds of credit cards

I love credit cards. I love how the best credit cards allow my family and I to travel for free or pennies on the dollar. I love how through our normal, everyday spending we’re able to earn rewards that unlock doors of opportunity and make cherished lifetime memories possible. Many of those rewards allow us to travel or get cash back by something we’re doing anyway, so why not get something back? If you’re looking for a new credit card, I’ve made it simple for you by compiling some of the currently available offers.

Top 10 tips for your next frugal travel

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In my travels (pun intended) I’ve discovered ways to save money and time so I was able to enjoy every moment of our vacation. Enjoy the journey, from the planning to the final destination – the memories are priceless! Here are my top 10 thrifty travel tips … bon voyage!


It’s the end of the month and you are short some cash. Yikes! This article was specifically crafted to help YOU make money fast using online apps. By the end of the post, you will be prepared with 15 new strategies to make extra money with only a few clicks on your smartphone!

How to easily refinance student loans

The average student loan refinance can save you up to $20,000 over the lifetime of the loan. Whether you owe $5,000 or $200,000, refinancing your student debt will likely save you a lot of money. If you took out a private loan and your interest rate is above 4% then you might be able to get a lower rate. Even you have both federal and/or private student loans then you can consolidate them, refinance, and get a better rate.