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Get cash back rewards when you shop for practically anything online and when you eat out at your favorite restaurants!

Don’t ever purchase anything at full price. Always try to get cash back with every purchase. The other benefit is that you get rewarded by referring your friends or when your friends make purchases! Listed below are some of my favorite cash back programs. It’s EASY and it’s FREE.

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Earn Cash Back In Your Spare Time

​It really is possible to make an extra $25, $50, $100 a month or more in your down time! You can even make $200, with a little more effort, of course. There’s a fun, easy and completely legitimate way to do this. You can do this in your spare time, the more you do this the more cash you can make.

​I’ve been making money with Swagbucks for almost a year now. My favorite ways to earn are… watching movie trailers (before they hit the theaters) and answering interesting surveys & polls! But there are many more ways to earn. Here’s how…

What is Swagbucks?
Swagbucks is an online rewards and cash back program. Simply do the things you’d normally do online, such as search the web, answer surveys and polls, watch videos, play games, and shop; you’ll accumulate digital SB points (swagbucks) that are quickly redeemable for free gift cards, PayPal Cash or pre-paid cards from Visa. It’s completely free to join!

How to get started?
1. Go to  and click the “Join Today” button.
2. Fill in your information on the form.
3. Validate the email you receive from them.
4. You are on your way to earning SB points!


More ways to earn SB Points
In addition to the ways to earn listed above, there are other ways to maximize your earnings:
1. Refer your friends to join and earn 10% for life! You get 10% of their SB points.
2. Take a chance by entering one of their Swagstakes. Entries are made with SB points.
3. Add a SwagButton Chrome extension on your browser. It automatically notifies you if the website you are visiting offers SB cash back for shopping.
4. Enter a SwagCode. After downloading the extension, you’ll be alerted on where to find the Swag Codes. It could be on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.. Enter in the code and redeem for SB points.
5. Download their mobile app and earn while on the go!

How to redeem SB points
Once you’ve collected enough SB points, the fun part is redeeming them! Here’s how…
1. In your account, click on Redeem your SB / Rewards.
2. Based on your SB point total, choose your preferred gift card(s).
3. You can also redeem your SB points towards charitable donations. Click under “Do Good” for a list of charitable categories.
4. Once you’ve selected your reward, click on the “Snag This” button.
5. Verify your reward selection in the email you received. Make sure to do this or else it won’t be valid.
6. In about a week, you’ll received confirmation that your Swagbucks gift card is ready. Click on the link in the email to activate your digital gift card. It’s that simple!


​About Swagbucks is the leading destination for earning real rewards through online activities you already do every day. At home or on the go, you can conveniently earn Swag Bucks when you: Shop your favorite stores, Search the web, Answer surveys; Discover great deals; Watch videos; or Play games.Swag Bucks (SB) can be redeemed easily for cash or gift cards to your favorite stores. With over 13 million members, Swagbucks has awarded over 85 million dollars in real rewards. Always free to join, Swagbucks is the smartest and most rewarding way to spend your time online. Start earning cash today.​Click here to get started.
Disclosure: I receive a small commission when you sign up using my link.

Earn Cash Back Without Doing Anything


​Although there are many great cash back programs out there, most of them require the end user to “manage” getting their reward in some fashion. What if you can get your cash reward without having to do anything except live your life?  Well, now you can – introducing the new DOSH app, currently in beta launch.

When you shop, go to a restaurant, book travel, go to an amusement park, or anything else, the DOSH app searches for cash and chases it down – relentlessly searching out offers to give you cash back. DOSH will be launching in a couple of months, so be one of the first to learn about this revolutionary new app. ​Click here to sign up and get early access.
​The word dosh is a slang word for money. DOSH is on a mission to positively impact millions of people’s lives financially by putting extra cash in their pockets so they can spend it on what matters most to them. DOSH aims to help people get more out of every dollar they spend. Watch the video from the founder below to learn more.


​No Coupons, No Scanning, No Promo Codes – Just Cash Back

The DOSH app puts money back into the pockets of consumers and businesses alike using breakthrough technology to eliminate the wasted spend from advertising and most transactions. DOSH searches for cash and chases it down – relentlessly searching out offers to give cash back to users. No cutting coupons, no scanning receipts, no searching for offers. DOSH users simply spend as they normally would and watch the cash pile up. Click here to sign up and get early access.
Get Cash Back on Travel
The app also gets users the best possible deal on hotel booking and car rentals while still giving substantial cash back to travelers. Work, shop, travel, play, and we’ll find you cash. DOSH puts the typical profit that hotels and online travel sites make back in the pockets of DOSH users.


Cash Back For Dining Out


Get cash back when you dine at your favorite restaurant. When you sign up as a member, get up to 10% cash-back on meals when you eat at one of their network of restaurants.

Earn rewards at restaurants without the hassle of coupons or loyalty cards. Redeem your rewards for cash, donation to a fundraiser or towards points for airlines, hotels, etc..

Plus, you also have a chance to win MOGL monthly jackpots!

It’s a great chance to check out new restaurants in your neighborhood and get cash back at the same time!

Check their website to see if they have your favorite restaurants is in their network.

Click here to sign up with MOGL.

Daily Deals & Discounts

Get incredible deals from local or online merchants every day. You can save 50% to 90% off retail. Click on the links below and save!!

• LivingSocial
• Groupon  

Online Shopping Portals


Sign up to be a member and cash back plus referral bonuses when you shop online!• BeeSavy – Get cash back from over 1,500 trusted online retailers coupons!

• Mr. Rebates – Cash back on hundreds on online stores, plus get referral bonuses!

• Ebates – Online Rebates and Coupons at over 1,600 Stores!

• GreenBackStreet – Cash back shopping where you can get up to 30% cash-back!

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