A 2-minutes financial assessment

Depending on how you answer, it’ll mean you’re either a Warren Buffett, MC Hammer, or Macaulay Culkin, haha… At least according to CO-OPCreditUnions.org who devised this fun little ditty.

Here we go…. Answer “Always”“Sometimes,” or “Never” for each of the following statements, and then see below for the answer key. Come on Warren Buffett, come on Warren Buffett!!

The “2-Minutes Financial Assessment”

#1. I pay my bills on time.

Always! One of the only things in our life we have control over…

#2. I save 10% or more of my income each month.

Always! Though I do it at the end of the *year* usually vs monthly, but only because I’m self-employed and never know what the year will have in store… I much prefer Dollar Cost Averaging!

#3. I keep three months net income in a “rainy-day fund.”

Sometimes. This last year we’ve had a bit TOO much stashed away, but the three years prior we were definitely on the Struggle Train. I give anyone mad respect for being able to say they *always* have a cushion here! It’s not easy to do!

#4. I plan ahead and save for large expenses.

Never. This is one of my weaknesses, haha… Two years ago it looks like I put down “Sometimes”, but I’m pretty sure I was kidding myself 😉 I just can’t ever wrap my head around the future! It’s always changing!

#5. I set and keep financial goals for myself on a regular basis.

Sometimes. I only have ONE main financial goal every year – to max out my retirement accounts. Anything outside of that is extra, and since most times there is nothing much else to invest/save, it usually stops at that 🙂 So I do technically make finance goals, but since they’re always the same one year after year I don’t think it counts all the way…

#6. I follow a set budget each month.

Not anymore! Haha…

#7. I shop around and compare prices before making a major purchase.

I Always do this… Sometimes to my own annoyance when you should just pick something that’s 80% good and not waste 13 and 1/2 hours trying to save myself $0.50.

#8. Regularly check my credit report.

Haha, yes. But only because it’s always right in front of me when I log onto USAA or get emails from Credit Karma about my score every month 🙂 I tend not to dwell on it too much if I’m not in the market to take on new debt anytime soon… (and I’ve also got it to where I want it to be –  in the 800’s – so I’m out of that “let’s improve our credit score” stage. Something I highly advise focusing on if you haven’t already so you don’t have to worry about it anymore either!)

#9. I examine my checking account statements each month.

Always. And credit score statements, business account statements, savings, investments, retirement accounts, 529s, net worth reports. Never know when one of those guys will get up and sneak away on you! I pay attention to all my monies!!

#10. I look for ways to become more financially aware and educated on a regular basis.

PS: If you don’t answer “Always” on this I’ll know you don’t read my blog every day 😉


How’d you do?? Mostly good? Some trouble spots here and there?

Well if you got a majority of them good you’re channeling Warren Buffett up in here, half or more points in your favor will make you MC Hammer, and then if you REALLY failed the assessment you’re a Macaulay Culkin, haha… Why, I don’t know, (Home Alone was da bomb!) but I’m not in charge of such things 😉

Answer key:

(2 points for every “Always”, 1 point for every “Sometimes”, 0 points for each “Never”)

  • 15 points and up = Warren Buffett!
  • 10 to 14 points = MC Hammer (I feel like he should be last? Didn’t he go bankrupt??)
  • 9 or less points = Macaulay Culkin

It looks like I’ve fallen from Warren Buffett to MC Hammer over the past two years!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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